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Alumier comes from the word “illuminate”. AlumierMD was born out of an understanding that everyone wants clear and beautiful skin.  Formulated using optimal medical-grade ingredients, this skincare line was developed by scientists and physicians with over 100 years of combined experience in skincare.

The AlumierMD medical skincare line includes state of the art, science-based, luxurious formulations with innovative delivery systems. Their products address multiple skin concerns and deliver proven results. The AlumierMD skincare line is customized to meet each individual’s needs for optimal results, as one size does not fit all.

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AlumierMD Products

The patented Ceravitae™ Complex, aloe and triple silica gel technology form the unique, breathable matrix that powers Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation. The patented Ceravitae™ Complex supports collagen production, as well as new connective tissue and skin cell growth following aesthetic procedures. The oxygenating, natural components of the gel base, vitamin E, grape seed extract and salix alba extract work in harmony to create light, breathable, protective skin.

Working with top plastic surgeons, dermatologists and scientists, Oxygenetix has been developing and perfecting breakthrough formulations for more than a decade. Other foundations are generally worse for your skin, more so than wearing nothing at all because they eventually clog pores or trigger sensitivities. Their synthetic chemical formulations must be removed, which means using even more chemicals. These products do not accelerate healing and they cannot be applied directly after peels or other aesthetic procedures. The quiet Oxygenetix revolution is that this makeup is actually better for your skin than wearing nothing at all.

Oxygenating Foundation addresses a wide range of skin problems, and can be applied immediately and directly to compromised skin to provide even colour and coverage while supporting the healing process. Oxygenating Foundation shortens or eliminates the social downtime that would otherwise follow surgical procedures and aesthetic treatments and can be applied immediately following C02 laser resurfacing, microneedling, chemical peels, injectables, IPL, laser hair removal and other procedures to conceal any redness, scarring or bruising. This foundation is oxygen-permeable and allows skin to breathe even while enjoying full makeup coverage.


Incorporated by Jess Vivier in 1997, Vivier Pharma officially opened for business in 2000. With a background in chemistry and over 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry, he believed that the best skin care products must have strong science, innovative ingredients, and rigorous testing in order to deliver exceptional results.

Jess Vivier formulated and patented the highest quality, and stable, Vitamin C serums with L-Ascorbic Acid (USP). In order for products to be the most effective, they must also penetrate deep into the skin. This led to the discovery and creation of our IntraDermal System technology targeting visible signs of aging for a more beautiful you.

At Infinite Medical Spa, we offer only the best products that are supported by proven results and clinical evidence.

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EyEnvy helps improve the overall thickness and length of your lashes with visible results in 4-6 weeks! EyEnvy absorbs into the skin to condition the hair follicles to stimulate newer, longer, thicker hair follicles allowing your lashes and brows to appear voluminous.

Many daily factors affect the health of eyelashes and eyebrows. Men and women, at different ages will benefit from the use of EyEnvy if they have brittle, short, thinning lashes, have experienced the effects of a medical condition causing them to lose facial hair, have damaged hair follicles from prolonged use of mascara or improper application of eyelash extensions. This product is also ideal for those individuals who simply want fuller, longer lashes and brows.


SinEcch-I is the only natural Arnica Montana homeopathic remedy on the market that has been clinically proven in research studies to reduce bruising and swelling after cosmetic injections and minimally invasive procedures. By using SinEcchi at the time of the procedure, a patient is able to minimize bruising and swelling, have less pain and discomfort, accelerate the healing process and resolve bruises more rapidly. Designed specifically for use after injectable treatments.